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I miss u big time


The African bird that leads people to beehives

speedometer, odometer

Ed: my speedometer is blocked by the steering wheel

was sollen wir tun

wie schreib man das؟

wie bitten sie um hilfe?

ich verstehe das nicht 


(verstehe=  fersh ti he)


-arrange and organaze

-Ordnen sie



-markieren sie

-paint   draw

-Zeichnen sie

kreuzen sie an.

ergänzen sie

zeigen sie..

arbeiten sie zu zweit in der gruppe.

- speak

-sprechen sie



-schreiben sie.


-lesen sie.



-hören sie

Kursleiterin (f)


Kursleiter (m)

die übung

das bild

der brief

die gruppe

das wort

der satz     /زاتز/

  das gespräch

das foto

die zahl


die tabelle

Bend over backwards

If they know that you are a good tipper they will bend over backwards for you


ich                                          wir

du/Sie                                  ihr /Sie


er (maskulin)

sie ( feminin)                          sie

es (neutral)


wo wohnen sie jetzt?


woher kommen sie?

ich komme aus dem iran

wo wohnen sie?

ich wohne in tehran (parkway)

Ich bin riri

ich heiße   riri

mein name ist riri

wer sind sie?

wer ist das?   (wer=who)

wie ist ihr Name?    (wie= چه چیز)

wie heißen sie ?   ( heißen = نامیده شدن)

fidelity n : loyalty

potluck : can you bring a salad?its a potluck

we are in the same boat

I got goose bumps

to take sb for granted

don't take her for granted

I felt like a fifth wheel

u wish!

she is green with envy

I'm not very big on jazz


to be big on sth

you can slide the skin off with your hands. ( if you boil them first )

felon :    n      :  by law, convicted felons may not own or use guns.

maze     n    :  i was led through a maze of corridors.

agitator      n   : a political agitator 


flourishing      v   :syn :     thrive

teardrop     n : اشک   a large teardrop ran down her cheek.

den      n     :   the home of some animals like lion and foxes

agonize  v    :  


broken english

brat   n        : a spoiled brat

bratty   adj 

snatch     V     =   Grab    : the thief snatches her purse and ran 

blast :      n      :  the concert was a blast


tender  adj: continue cooking until the meat is tender.

mercury : liquid at ordinary temperatures

i cant beleive you are bringing that up

Hi everyone, is there any difference between "tap and pat on someone's shoulder"? Thank you for your help!


To me, to tap someone on the shoulder is to try to get their attention; to pat someone on the shoulder is a gesture of encouragement, congratulations or consolation.


Edit: The gesture itself is different, come to think of it; a tap is mostly with the fingertips, while a pat is an open palm/whole hand contact.


scraper  : a paint scraper

skyscraper   N 

backward : a backward country


                     A backward child 

rehearsal  n  : a rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet 


These should be the other way around

Has anyone handed in my card?

Lost card in Bunnings

Has anyone handed in my card?

Lost card in Bunnings


Mortar is a workable paste used to bind building blocks such as stones, bricks, and concrete masonry units together, fill and seal the irregular gaps between them, and sometimes add decorative colors or patterns in masonry walls.

Composition is fairly easy to understand - we can see composition in everyday life: a chair has legs, a wall is composed of bricks and mortar, and so on.

reinforced concrete

Turn it upside down and then turn it back over when it is cold


Not too runny

Everyday Gourmet with Justin Schofield

The jam has become crystalized

A sieve is used more when baking and is for dry ingredients e.g. Flour, Sugar. This removes any lumps etc. from the mixture and makes it more fine and even. A colander and strainer are pretty much one in the same and they are used for draining liquid such as when you have boiled potatoes and want to remove the water.

paste-like substance

The ancient Incas used peanuts, and they are known to have made it into a paste-like substance.

Wikipedia: Hashish may be solid or resinous depending on the preparation; pressed hashish is usually solid, whereas water-purified hashish—often called "bubble melt hash"—is often a paste-like substance with varying hardness and pliability

four stroke engine

equinox /e koo ee naax/

solstice /saals tees/

intersection   N 

agitated         Adj: Amanda was getting visibly agitated.

dusk   : the street lights go on at dusk.  Twilight

Dawn       N         Daybreak 



extremely impressive in a way that makes you feel great respect


/aaw /

making you feel happy, excited, and full of energy


I'm all ears


we lost contact 


passive smoking: the breathing in of the side-stream smoke from the burning of tobacco between puffs or of the smoke exhaled by smoker

side-stream smoke


smoker    nonsmoker

second-hand smoke does more harm to non-smokers than to smokers



wear tiara

gland       N 

pancreas      N


gland       غده 

drama    N 

sewing machin

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دلم برات یه ذره شدهAnswer2 months agoReyhaneh
10 min
کندوی عسلAnswer2 months agoabszh
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In a vehicle ... measures the speed at which you are traveling (how fast), ... measures the distance that you have travelled (how far)Answer4 months agoabszh
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what should we do?Answer4 months agoReyhaneh-G
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من ریحانه هستم. من ریحانه نامیده می شومAnswer5 months agoReyhaneh-G
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who are u?Answer5 months agoReyhaneh-G
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اسم شما چیه؟Answer5 months agoReyhaneh-G
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with F : when you are loyal to your husband,girlfriend by not having sex with anyone: the importance of marital .............. .Answer5 months agoFarima
1 week
قابلمه پارتی-a meal in which everyone who is invited brings something to eatAnswer5 months agoFarima
3 weeks
با هم همدردیمAnswer5 months agoReyhaneh
3 days
موهای تنم سیخ شدAnswer5 months agoReyhaneh
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قدر کسی رو دونستنAnswer5 months agoReyhaneh
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احساس کردم اضافی هستمAnswer5 months agoReyhaneh
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عمرا!Answer5 months agoReyhaneh
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داره از حسادت می ترکهAnswer5 months agoReyhaneh
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1 day
پوست ( سیب زمینی ) رو میتونی با دستت در اریAnswer7 months agoFarima
4 days
with f : someone who is guilty of serious crimeAnswer7 months agoFarima
3 days
جای پرپیچ و خم with m =a complicated and confusing arrangement of streetsAnswer7 months agoFarima
1 day
اشوبگر : with a :someone who encourages people to work towards changing sth in society -disapprovalAnswer7 months agoFarima
3 days
with f : to develop well and be successful: the economy is booming and small busunesses are ............ .Answer7 months agoFarima
3 days
a single drop of salty liquid that comes out of your eye when you are crying: with t Answer7 months agoFarima
1 month
داری میری تو قفس شیر: you are walking into the lions .......... .with d Answer7 months agoFarima
3 days
to think about a difficult decision very carefully and with a lot of effort-with a: all the way home she ........ about what she should doAnswer7 months agoFarima
1 week
the thick soft hair that covers the bodies of some animals like cats, dogs, rabbits خزAnswer7 months agoFarima
3 weeks
انگلیسی دست و پا شکستهAnswer7 months agoFarima
3 weeks
a badly behaved child.with B : sara said that Aylin is a ............. . a spoiled .............Answer7 months agoFarima
3 days
aylin ........ Flower away from Sam.Sara said that at the beach with s: to take Sth away from someone with a quick, after violent, moment :Answer7 months agoFarima
6 days
with b :an enjoyable and exciting experience- we had a ........ at the fair.Answer8 months agoFarima
5 days
بامیهAnswer8 months agoFarima
3 weeks
................. food is easy to cut and eat,beacuse it has been well cookedwith t نرمAnswer8 months agoFarima
5 days
جیوهAnswer8 months agoFarima
3 weeks
باورم نمیشه این مسله رو پیش کشیدی (with bring)Answer8 months agoFarima
1 month
pat on the shoulder vs tap on the shoulderAnswer8 months agoabszh
1 week
كاردك :a tool used to remove Sth from a surface by rubbing Answer8 months agoFarima
1 week
A very tall modern city building اسمان خراش Answer8 months agoFarima
3 weeks
Developing slowly and less successfully than most others: with B : عقب مانده Answer8 months agoFarima
3 weeks
A time when all the people in a play, concert etc practice before a public performance with RAnswer8 months agoFarima
3 weeks
قبرسAnswer8 months agoFarima
1 month
Geelong hospital ( أين نوبتها بايد برعكس بودن ) Answer8 months agoFarima
1 month
کسی کارت من رو اینجا نیاوردهAnswer8 months agoFarima
1 month
کسی کارت من رو اینجا نیاوردهAnswer9 months agoabszh
1 month
ملات بین آجرها a wall is made of bricks and ...Answer9 months agoabszh
1 month
بتن آرمهAnswer9 months agoabszh
1 month
چپش کنید وقتی سرد شد برش گردونیدAnswer9 months agoabszh
3 months
ناخالصیAnswer9 months agoabszh
3 months
خیلی شل نباشهAnswer9 months agoabszh
3 months
مربا شکرک زدهAnswer9 months agoabszh
1 month
آبکش، الکAnswer9 months agoabszh
1 month
ماده خمیر مانندAnswer9 months agoabszh
3 months
موتور چهار زمانهAnswer9 months agoabszh
3 months
Equal length for day and night happens on spring ...Answer9 months agoabszh
3 months
longest night of the year: winter ...Answer9 months agoabszh
1 month
چهارراه the place where roads,lines etc cross each other, where 2 roads meet Answer9 months agoFarima
1 month
The psycho boy at cox road clinic said I am ........... . With a : so nervous or upset that you are unable to keep still or think calmly Answer9 months agoFarima
5 days
غروب :the time before it gets dark when the sky is becoming less brightAnswer9 months agoFarima
1 month
The time at the beginning of the day when light first appears : the boats sett off at ........ .Answer9 months agoFarima
10 min
گله گاوAnswer9 months agoReyhaneh
1 month
غزالAnswer9 months agoReyhaneh
3 days
a truly awe-inspiring achievementAnswer9 months agoReyhaneh
3 days
an exhilarating experienceAnswer9 months agoReyhaneh
3 months
سراپا گوشمAnswer9 months agoReyhaneh
5 days
هسته خرما with P -هسته هلوAnswer10 months agoFarima
1 month
رابطه مون باهاشون قطع شد ( ديگه خبر نداريم ازسونAnswer10 months agoFarima
3 months
Informal of thank you Answer10 months agoFarima
10 min
cigarette:...Answer10 months agoReyhaneh
6 days
تاج ملکه Answer10 months agoReyhaneh
1 day
With g : an organ of the body which produces a substance that the body needs, such as hormones,sweat or saliva Answer10 months agoFarima
1 month
لوزالمعده : a gland inside your body, near your stomach, that produces insulin and a liquid that helps your body to use the food that you eatAnswer10 months agoFarima
3 months
With D : to become upset about about small problem and make it seem worse than it really is: Brian always makes such a .....out of everythingAnswer10 months agoFarima
3 months
چرخ خياطي Answer10 months agoFarima